What the hell is Axe to Grind?

Here at Axe to Grind we take you inside the SF Bay Area's black alternative music experience. ATG goes beyond the artists bio. We get up close and personal with the people who are risking it all by not going mainstream to create the music they love. We also believe black alternative artists, are all more or less, on the same journey and acknowledge there is great mutual benefit in supporting one another along the way. 

How to do I get involved?

Share your Axe To Grind with the ATG community by submitting your personal black alternative experience here. Spread the word! Make sure you like, share, and tweet Axe To Grind.  Above all, make sure you come support black alternative music here in the bay area.

Are you a member of a black alternative band here in the SF Bay Area?

If the answer is yes then send us an email and links to your music at We are looking for you!

phone: 510-224-7116